CFV Labs is dedicated to improving the performance and reliability of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.   We work with PV manufacturers and power plant developers, owners and operators.  We are proud of our indoor and outdoor testing expertise and are pleased to be the lab of choice for many of the most sophisticated participants in the PV industry.

We help our customers improve and validate their PV products and deployments in multiple ways:


PV Module bankability testing incorporating both standards-based protocols and custom testing options including LeTID, backsheeet testing and PAN files.

Services for analyzing under-performing power plants. Batch flash and EL  testing, fielded module PAN file testing, warranty claim testing.


ISO 17025 accredited testing for PV modules, trackers and racking systems to ANSI and IEC standards. CEC Testing.


Performance validation for PV modules including precision flash testing, LID/LeTID testing, temperature/irradiance matrix testing, IAM, outdoor testing, Sandia coefficents, and more.

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Custom mechanical load testing for SAT installations and high wind and high snow load deployments.  Highly versatile pneumatic test stand.


Custom next-generation data acquistion equipment built in-house with lab grade accuracy and digital artifact filtering.


State-of-the-art bifacial test yard with long tracker rows, controlled albedo and precision instrumentation for tight correlation to simulations and bankable yield  estimates


Precise PAN file generation using our A+/A+/A+ h.a.l.m. flasher and in-house custom PANOpt software for tight yield estimates.


Full range of services for start-up companies.  CFV Labs is a Connector in the DOE American Made Network.

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