Bankability Testing

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CFV PV Module Bankability Program

  • Comprehensive bankability testing program based on IEC 63209 with technology specific customization.

  • Includes tests for material durability, cell degradation, mechanical durability and performance testing.

  • Third party BOM verification and build witness. 

  • Report sharing with investors and IEs. 


Cell Degradation Testing

  • Both LID and LeTID can be problems with newer technology modules, especially modules made from PERC cells.

  • LID and LeTID operate via different mechaninsms and on different time scales and and may actually overlap, making disentangling the effects problematic.

  • CFV has a protocol designed to isolate and quantify each effect to the extent possible.


Mechanical Durability Testing

  • CFV specializes in sophisticated mechanical load testing protocols.

  • The protocols test for catasrophic module damage under wind and snow loads and also for module susceptibilty to cell cracking.

  • Newer modules with thinner frames, end clamped modules and center clamped modules on single-axis-trackers need to be carefully evaluated. 

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