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Hail Testing

NEW: CFV is pleased to be working with Duramat and Sandia Labs on an upcoming lab call project: "Moving Beyond Pass vs. Fail: Analyzing Hail Impacts on PV Modules Using Computational Simulation."  We will be correlating hail testing in various controlled laboratory scenarios with sophisticated computer models.  Stay tuned!

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CFV Labs Hail Testing

  • CFV Labs has the capability to test PV modules for hail damage susceptibility with ice balls ranging from 25mm-85mm.

  • IEC 61215 MQT 17 is a sound test for exploring catastrophic hail damage to modules involving glass breakage.

  • Other test methods are required to examine module susceptibility to cell cracking caused by hail.

  • New standards development activity for hail is ongoing in the IEC and CFV is participating.

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