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Outdoor Performance Testing

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Outdoor Bifacial Testing

  • CFV has a state-of the art bifacial test yard with 5 rows of Array Technologies single-axis trackers, each with 30 module capacity.

  • Long test rows give results that correlate much better wth utility scale installations.

  • Albedo is .30 and well-controlled. GCR is .37.

  • CFV can accomodate up to 9 different module experiments at a time, and has built custom instrumentation for this purpose.

Roof Deck Front Page.JPG

Outdoor Roofdeck Testing

  • CFV has a simulated roofdeck in the test yard for evaluating residential technolgies including modules, racking systems, BiPV, shingled PV, and power electronics.

  • The roof deck is 80 feet long and at 5/12 pitch.

  • The roofdeck is fully instrumented and can be configured with string inverters, micro-inverters and optimizers. 

  • High resolution thermocouple and IR data is available.

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