CFV Labs is dedicated to advancing PV technology and performance across the supply chain.

We help our customers improve their PV technologies and deployments in multiple ways:

For Start-Ups and Technology Investors:

We perform early-stage product testing and validation for advanced technologies like BiPV, next generation cell-interconnects, novel absorbers and cell technologies, tandem and III-V cells, super-efficient power electronics, trackers, and more.  We help entrepreneurs succeed and help investors allocate their capital wisely.  We are Connector in the DOE American-Made Network.

For Manufacturers:

We help bring products to market with advanced performance testing, reliability testing and certification for PV modules, racking/tracking systems, and power electronics.  Our ISO 17025 test reports and validations give the market confidence to invest in your products.

For Owners, Investors, Operators, EPCs and O&M firms:

We help reduce the risk of new projects with ISO 17025 bankability and reliability testing, LID/LeTID testing, PAN file generation, and custom outdoor testing. For under-performing plants we do forensic testing and yield analysis.  We can help you identify supply chain problems before they become costly mistakes, and help you mitigate existing problems before they get larger.

CFV Labs is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory:

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